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What's your favorite CSM analogy?

  • 1.  What's your favorite CSM analogy?

    Posted 15 days ago
    How do you describe the CSM role? What analogies do you use?

    I had a brainstorm for a new analogy while working with a client yesterday and I thought you might like it:

    CSMs are like professional golf caddies. 

    For those unfamiliar, professional golfers have very special relationships with their caddies. They are the unsung heroes behind championships. Despite rarely sharing the spotlight, the pros revere them for helping them win. 

    I love what Michael Collins, former pro caddie and sports analyst at ESPN, wrote in a 2016 blog:

    "Here's what really makes a great caddie:

    Trust. Does the player know with every fiber of his or her being that the caddie is giving the best information possible? When players aren't sure what to do, they have to be able to trust their caddies to know their game well enough to give them the best opportunity for greatness.

    Honesty. Players don't like hearing they're wrong or they're getting bad advice from someone close to them (i.e. a swing coach, sports psychologist, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.). A great caddie is willing to say the things most people around a golfer won't say.

    Positivity. All golfers go through lows in their game. They get down in the dumps and have a tough time getting out. It happens often on the course and can even surface during a good round. The best caddies exude an air of positive confidence that makes players feel that even when they're not at their best they can be successful."

    What's your favorite analogy? 


    Ed Powers