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  • 1.  Weekly Usage Reports

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    We are about to launch a new usage reporting module that will be for Admin-users only. The automated report includes insights into usage benchmarks, platform areas, user leaderboard, etc., with recommendations on how to increase adoption and value.

    Previously these types of reports and recos would be shared in 1-1 calls with customers which presents a scaling and consistency challenge and while that will still happen with many customers, we are going to automate the delivery of the reports to the Admin's inbox each week. The Why behind this is to ensure they have weekly insights and recommendations and also for education and awareness. Even if the customer doesn't open the email each week, they "see us" every week so we're top of mind. I use and love Clockwise, as an example, and while I love the weekly email highlights, I don't actually read them every time.

    My question is when to send the weekly report. Curious how many of you have automated weekly insights that get sent at the end of each week versus the beginning of each week. We'll probably A/B test but interested to hear what the community can share to shortcut or validate my learning.


    Adam Houghton
    VP Customer Success @ Klue

  • 2.  RE: Weekly Usage Reports

    Posted 9 days ago

    Hi Adam, from a personal preference, I would prefer beginning of the week. I carve out the 1st hour of Monday to review data from last week, catch up on email, etc.  Maybe consider sending Sunday morning in case those activities are done by your customers on Sunday. 

    From a customer standpoint, my team gets more responses to updates going out Monday/Tuesday than Friday. 

    Hope that helps, would be interested to see what your A/B testing shows when completed. 


    Brian Nicholls