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Names for customer facing function

  • 1.  Names for customer facing function

    Posted 21 days ago
    What do you call your customer facing function - ie: the function your CCO leads?  I've heard Customer Success, Customers for Life, etc, but curious as to what you call it. The challenge we have is that our entire customer/post-sale function is called Customer Success and the team I lead (CSMs) is also called Customer Success. So to make things simpler, what is another name for the function comprised of CSMs, support, services, and training?

    Alex Farmer
    VP Customer Success
    Cognite AS

  • 2.  RE: Names for customer facing function

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi @Alex Farmer

    We call this "Customer Experience", and it incorporates Customer Success, Product Support, Onboarding & Implementation & VoC.

    Matt Myszkowski
    VP, Customer Success Management, EMEA