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What does a healthy community look like?

  • 1.  What does a healthy community look like?

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your responses so far, this community is super useful.

    The community I am managing is in its' early stages, and so measuring engagement is key. I wonder if anyone knows of any benchmark stats of a closed community (paid membership)?

    E.g what is a healthy engagement time for new users within the first 30 days? How many times should a user be logging in? Once a week? I appreciate variables like the nature of the community and user segmentation will influence the engagement expectation, but any general averages would be great if possible.

    Additionally, for engagement I am measuring:
    1) Log in frequency
    2) Engagement time
    3) Involvement (event sign ups/comments/likes/downloads/frequency of conversations)

    Would anyone suggest measuring engagement through other metrics? Big thanks in advance. Happy Friday everyone!

    Katherine Bentley
    B2B Marketing