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  • 1.  Customer Advocacy Board or Customer Advisory Board?

    Posted 09-10-2021 05:20
    Dear network :) 

    I would like to hear your opinion on a semantic question regarding what to name a customer board. 
    Do you have any thoughts, reflections, opinions about whether a customer board should be called a Customer Advocacy Board or a Customer Advisory Board

    A reflection from my side is that a Customer Advisory Board is a part of a Customer Advocacy Programme and so it has a cascading effect. However, I am not sure about this. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you!



    Julie Schifter

  • 2.  RE: Customer Advocacy Board or Customer Advisory Board?

    Posted 09-10-2021 09:42
    Hi Julie,

    What are you trying to accomplish with the board?   Are you are looking for guidance on corporate strategies, input on products and services, and new ideas on how to solve industry/verticle challenges?  If so, then I would say Customer Advisory Board.  I like Customer Advisory Board because of the root word "Advise".   You want to make sure it is clear that the group is there to give feedback and input, but not there be another way for customers to get commitment from product management to do their particular enhancement request (which may not make sense for the broader company, for example).  Advocacy, to me, sounds like more focus on current customer's specific needs/requests, versus get insights into what may be coming to keep your company competitive and the broad customer base happy.   

    So, I am not a fan of Advocacy boards as the advocacy things should happen without being on the board thru the CSM or through digital means.   A byproduct of the Advisory board would, for sure, be an advocacy dimension.

    my 2 cents.


    Robert Kaloustian

  • 3.  RE: Customer Advocacy Board or Customer Advisory Board?

    Posted 09-10-2021 10:17
    Hi Julie, 

    At my last employer we used Customer Advisory Board .  I'm not sure how much the name played into it, but we had a lot of success with the group.  We were a ERP /CRM style software specficially for the IT, Managed Service space- so we had a group of about 10 customers.   They commited to 2 meet ups a year and we'd prsesent company direction, platform enhancements.  Their feedback was critical especially becuase we were playing in a specific market and the community aspect was critical. 

    short version - Customer Advisory Board sounds good to me :) 

    Ben Bunting Director of Renewals and Expansion
    Director of Renewals and Expansion

  • 4.  RE: Customer Advocacy Board or Customer Advisory Board?

    Posted 09-13-2021 09:27

    As @Robert Kaloustian states, this depends on your goal.

    Advocacy and Advisory have different intentions with different goals.

    I have built different versions of both and would be very happy to discuss.

    - Jeff ​

    Jeff Heckler
    Director of Customer Success Solutions