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    Posted 12 days ago

    Hi All,

    Our Customer Success segmentation model is based off a customer's current spend and potential to expand (with other strategic quantitative measures, such as advocacy and design partnership on top so value is not purely a £/$ based viewpoint).

    Within our segmentation we tier our level of service so, for example, if you're a Tier 1 customer we provide a dedicated CSM and Professional Services team to work with you (the latter capped at a number of hours within the contract). We have a similar tiering approach for other tiers until Tier 4 where it's largely automated and tech-touch. 

    We have been asked by several customers to provide value-add services above and beyond the tiering, which would mean an increase in the total number of hours required.

    Q. Has anyone monetised value-add services and found any a-ha or gotcha moments you can share?

    Thanks, Steve


    Steve Wilson
    VP of Global Customer Success

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    Posted 11 days ago
    @Matt Myszkowski ran a program like this at SAP. Hoping he'll share some thoughts here in the community.  ​​​

    Jay Nathan
    Chief Customer Officer
    Higher Logic

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    Posted 9 days ago
    Thanks @Jay Nathan for the tag.

    Hi @Steve Wilson,

    Both at SAP (where I am today - until Friday!) and at Autodesk we provided a monetised CS offering in very similar ways. Both of them were exactly that; an "offering". So generally this would be formed of a CSM who was accountable for ensuring the customer got the RoI from the offering but it included a premium product support offering (think enhanced SLAs)​​, learning resources (exclusive e-learning content & access to best practice webinars), and a range of "mini" consulting offerings such as healthchecks, quality gate checks, technical & functional guidance. The mini consulting elements were the only contentious issues because it became challenging to know where the line was in terms of our offering and a genuine consulting delivery.

    I can share more details if you want to have a chat, or feel free to ask away here and I will share the knowledge.

    Matt Myszkowski
    VP, Customer Success Management, EMEA