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Can the GGR Podcast go parabolic??

  • 1.  Can the GGR Podcast go parabolic??

    Posted 7 days ago
    Good Morning! Gain Grow Retain has an exciting opportunity ahead of us and we're asking for a favor...

    GGR has a podcast.
    We put out 3 episodes a week.
    Some interviews, audio from Office Hours, etc. 

    We're eclipsing 10,000 downloads a month which is a big milestone.  This milestone has created an opportunity that is coming around the we can't talk about now but will share in due time.

    So, how can you help?

    1. If you are an Apple user - and you want to listen - smash that subscribe button!
      1. You can also do this on Spotify!
    2. Listen to a few episodes and leave us a review - reviews help us the most! Who knows maybe we can eclipse a few other CS podcasts and become the highest-rated...
    3. Do you have topics? Want to recommend a guest for the show?  Drop it in the discussion thread below! We're always looking for inspiration.

    But seriously, this would be a huge help. I will beg if I have to! Subscribe, listen, rate & review, share! That's the cycle that can help us. 

    See you soon. 


    Jeff Breunsbach
    Founder, Gain Grow Retain
    Director of CX at Higher Logic
    Top 25 Influencer 2020

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    Posted 7 days ago

    Morgan Pottruff

    Making technology easy for people 
    Education | E-Learning | Live and Virtual Events

    Online E-Learning Portfolio and CV

  • 3.  RE: Can the GGR Podcast go parabolic??

    Posted 6 days ago
    The podcast is how I found this community. I'm subscribed on Spotify and listen weekly. Keep it rolling! One topic that seems to be resonating is how people from outside a CS background can get involved in a CS career. Perhaps you can find a guest to touch on that topic in an upcoming episode.

    Brian Hansen
    Director of Customer Success, Carrier/HCM
    Enquiron - A Zywave Company
    Boston MA

  • 4.  RE: Can the GGR Podcast go parabolic??

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Jeff!!

    The GGR podcast is one of my top listens in Spotify. It's content is gold. Thanks so much for always putting everything together to share with the community.

    I will drop by to leave a review. I didn't know we could leave reviews on Spotify. In fact, can you walk me through how to do this, still can't find any buttons to leave reviews.

    I agree with @Brian Hansen that getting into CS is a hot topic, a lot of people reach out to get advice on how to transition, nailing the interview process, convincing hiring managers they're a fit for the role, etc.


    Erika Villarreal
    Customer Success Manager

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    Posted 2 days ago

    Muneer Mubashir

  • 6.  RE: Can the GGR Podcast go parabolic??

    Posted 2 days ago
    Would love to have my companies COO or CEO featured on the podcast 
    We are an incredible BPO company called Peak Support.

    Let me know if we can discuss this further @Jeff Breunsbach

    Laura Galvez-Pollo
    Peak Support