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    Posted 12 days ago
    I am currently in the process of a Customer Success and Customer Support reset project. Our products are complex, highly configurable, have a 12-24 month sales cycle and we have an average 2.6-year contract length. We have 10 CSMs globally and a small customer marketing team. While we sell to MM, our focus is on enterprise. I am building my 3-year plan and working my way backward to next year's plan. Does anyone have customer success org charts that show the progression as they scale to 3x? Extra kudos for any suggestions on impactful tech or specific roles that helped achieve this type of scale.

    Leslie Kelley - SmartRecruiters

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    Posted 8 days ago
    I would consider the complexity of the renewal compared to the responsibilities of the customer success manager.  Enterprise contract renewal can be long and difficult. Procurement has only gotten more involved. Considering your goals, I'd expect at some point you need an account manager, or at least a CS Renewal role to help carry some of this burden and expertise.

    Ben Bunting Director of Expansion
    Director of Retention

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    Posted 2 days ago


    Your product focuses on helping specific departments with specialized processes. Do you offer Change Management as part of the Implementation Service? If not, this is something to consider in your budgetary planning.

    Zenya Learning LLC
    Pam Micznik
    Mng Dir