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    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi GGR community,

    I am building out a CSM team for a SaaS company which currently uses
    I think I can use Monday for managing client status, health scores, stages in the journey - in general to provide management and the company with a good overview of clients high-level status (more as a CRM).

    I was wondering if anyone uses as a working tool for the CSMs, and if so if you have any specific features and dashboards you would recommend using.



    Maor Gershoni
    VP Customer Success
    Tel Aviv

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    Posted 8 days ago
    Hey Maor,

    Great question! Very interested in what others may have to provide as this was something I've considered doing to align better with my Account Executives. Right now, my team uses Monday as a source of information for our internal meetings and next steps. We have Salesforce with many of the fields you mentioned, so many of those don't get copied over to Monday.

    On a Monday board, we have a running list of our Top 10 At-Risk accounts within a Monday board. It will have their renewal date, their current status (If it needs escalation, currently working on the account, or churned). We are to update the conversation/updates section weekly for our power hour meeting with the team lead and manager. This gives them insights into what actions I'm currently taking with each account, any concerns since our last conversations, or if it needs escalations, then why and next steps. 

    This is probably a "light" version of what is possible with Monday, but as I mentioned, this is only part of our internal meeting agenda, so it takes up to 15 minutes or so of a meeting.

    Andres Rodriguez
    Customer Success Manager, Mid-Market
    Procore Technologies
    Austin TX

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    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for sharing this - this is really helpful and I can definitely incorporate some of these ideas into our day-to-day process as well.