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Guidance On Creating A Playbook

  • 1.  Guidance On Creating A Playbook

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hello GGR!

    First time poster here. I'm an intern who's been tasked with creating a general playbook for the client success managers that I work with. With this being the first time I have worked on a project like this, I am reaching out asking for any advice/tips the community may be able to provide me as well as maybe some common topics/areas to cover. As of right now, I have outlined the processes and responsibilities CSMs take on at my workplace, as well as the tools/software used and some best practices at each stage of the customer journey. The goal is not to create just an informative playbook, but rather one that will promote success. I was also wondering what format usually works best for playbooks?

    I would really appreciate it if there is anyone in the community that wouldn't mind sharing a playbook they have found to be successful with me for a reference. Feel free to add anything down below. 


    Tristan Da Silva
    Client Success Intern
    AcuityAds Inc

    Tristan Da Silva
    AcuityAds Inc

  • 2.  RE: Guidance On Creating A Playbook

    Posted 17 days ago

    You might find our CSEB and Playbook Development tool handy.


    Andrew Marks

  • 3.  RE: Guidance On Creating A Playbook

    Posted 16 days ago

    Try this on for size.

    i find some playbooks do not consider risk factors that could be barriers to success and also do not include a post-play maintenance guide to extend the benefits of the play so I included it in my playbook creation template

    Kevin Mitchell Leonor
    Customer Success Manager

  • 4.  RE: Guidance On Creating A Playbook

    Posted 7 days ago

    Hi Tristan, is there a specific process for your customers that you've been tasked to develop? 

    some examples could include:

    • a customer adoption health review
    • an executive sponsor intro
    • a pre-renewal health review
    • handling a support escalation 
    • facilitating an exec business review
    • etc

    Each of these processes contains a set of steps and interactions not only with the customer but internal teammates who may support in some way. 

    I often ask my teams, what's the one most important thing we should be doing with our customers to build relationships, show value, and ensure that we are in a secure place to renew - and hopefully expand - each customer. 

    i have written these a scripts in a Google or Word docs that outline each step and the actual discussion points the CSM should deliver. Many CS platforms allow you to load playbooks but it's not required. I'd start with a shared document that the team can collaborate on.

    i have an example i can scrub and post here for you and the library may also have some playbook examples. 

    Jay Nathan
    Chief Customer Officer
    Higher Logic