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  • We're continually recording podcast episodes... The impact of your words w/ @Linda Matthews Relationships are built on a foundation of "words" - those matter in times of excitement and in times of stress, Linda mentions a few ways she coaches ...

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    ICP & ICP Drift

    Several years ago Nick Mehta wrote about the ten laws of SaaS (see below). I would like to understand how different CS leaders are informing the collective organization (e.g. marketing, sales, product, finance) about #1 and #2? Specifically: ...

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  • Good morning Colby, Thank you for posting this advice on Prosci. I downloaded a few of their e-books. They look like a fantastic source of information Best regards, Aaron Brenes Implementation Manager ------------------------------ Aaron Brenes ...

  • Hi Sara, I know this thread is quite old. Would you be willing to send me both your templates? I would greatly appreciate it. Best, Anne ------------------------------ Anne Bowman TeamO3 ------------------------------

  • Hi @Klil Nevo I am also in B2B SaaS and our platform onboarding process is a bit daunting, as I sometime equate it to onboarding an ERP. There's a lot of data that's disorganized and unstructured and requires a lot of cleansing and normalizing before ...

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  • @Jennifer Frances - Congrats on your upcoming adventure. It's an exciting time to be getting into CS ops​. I've made that leap and have helped a few others along the way. Happy to chat and offer you some guidance so that you feel ready to add incredible ...

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