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  • Hi GGR Members! The number one request that we receive at GGR is around helping CS Leaders fill open positions on their teams. We've kept this at arm's length because there are already job boards galore out there. Honestly, I thought ...

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  • Thank you :) ------------------------------ Liam Farley ------------------------------

  • Hi Ramya, Can I get in this too? Regards Saad ------------------------------ Saad Khan ------------------------------

  • +1 here...would love to join a call about success plans. Also theres a company called StrikeDeck that shares success templates/account management templates as part of their cold outreach strategy for finding CS clients....I havent worked ...

  • Hi Jared! Full disclosure, I'm on the Customer Success team at ChurnZero - so that's the perspective I'm coming from in answering your questions. :) As @Daniel Harry and @Jennifer Griffin mentioned, Segments are definitely the 'building blocks' of ...

  • So we def capture the specific goals of the clients. We are a transactional sale but our product is very robust. So we created a framework to help us understand the customer. WHAT HOW WHY What do they want to do? How do they want to do it? Why do they ...

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