Pulse Academy Live

When:  Jun 8, 2021 from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM (ET)


Pulse Academy Live is the premier Customer Success educational event in the world, with related programming enjoyed by over 10,000 CS professionals since 2013. This year, we're taking Pulse Academy Live virtual with a half day immersive experience for CS professionals of all levels. Whether you're new to Customer Success, have previously attended a Pulse Academy Live, have attained your certification via Pulse+, or are looking to advance your Gainsight Admin product knowledge, we have refreshed and advanced content to help accelerate your career and the impact you'll have on your business.


  • Gainsight 101: Gainsight Admin Foundation
    For new Admins, we invite you to jumpstart your learning with a presentation of the foundational content required to become a successful Gainsight Admin. Follow along as we demonstrate how to configure and work with Rules Engine, Data Management, and Scorecards, as well as share best practices for overall Admin success. Attendees who complete this course and pass a quiz will receive a “Gainsight Associate Admin” Certificate. Prerequisite: We strongly encourage completion of the free elearning courses here.
  • Gainsight Admin 200 Series
    Experienced Admins are encouraged to join Gainsight experts to learn how to build out Journey Orchestrator Programs using advanced functionalities, such as the Events framework and Segments. We'll also walkthrough several common use cases that leverage our Events Framework and Real-Time Rules. Finally, we'll go beyond the basics and learn what’s available in the Adoption Explorer data integrations and objects, and use Adoption Explorer data to create a CTA, Timeline entry, and Health Score.  Prerequisite: 1+ year of Gainsight Admin experience and/or Admin VILT Completion
  • Elevating Customer Success (Not Gainsight specific)
    Growing consensus on the importance of customer expansion and retention has led to a boom in CS teams over the past 5 years.  A new team of professionals now interact with your customers more frequently than anyone else in your business. 

    Are you fully leveraging each of those interactions? All of them? 

    Because until the answer is yes – are you truly delivering customer success or are you just limiting your definition of it?

    Join Corporate Vision's VP of Training, Catherine Alexander, to explore science backed skills that will elevate your customer success conversations and the value they add to your business.

    This 4-hour workshop will explore:
    • How to strategically use the science of Status Quo Bias to shape your conversations.
    • How to establish the metrics and outcomes that matter most to your customer and use them to define your interactions.
    • How to reinvent business reviews. Elevate them into key interactions that maintain the ongoing attendance and attention of senior customer leaders.





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