Real talk: Customer Success + motherhood in a pandemic

When:  Mar 8, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)

In celebration of International Women's Day, let’s talk about CSMs, motherhood, and COVID times. More to the point, let’s talk about the fact that many women have already been forced out of their careers during the pandemic – by an overwhelming and imbalanced burden of care, a lack of support from their companies and communities, and sheer burnout. 

We do a lot of research into the normal CSM workday, and we’re finding that CSMs parenting small children face an even steeper uphill battle than peers in non-customer-facing roles. Endless Zoom calls with customers who may or may not be sympathetic to a toddler in the room. Long lists of tasks and to-do’s that bleed into evenings and precious alone time (if there’s any at all). Put that together with a societal failure to balance the load sustainably, and burnout is right around the corner.

In this roundtable discussion we’ll learn from 3 mother-leaders in CS who are in the thick of it. We’ll talk about…  

  • How they’re making it work, and where the toughest battles arise

  • Ways to stave off burnout, and how to know when to walk away

  • How CS teams and managers can show support and make a tough epoch better for all

We’ll leave room at the end for your questions. Invite your CSM team to join the discussion – parents, non-parents, managers and peers. This is a conversation that needs to happen.