CSM Mastermind: The Art of Success Discovery

When:  Aug 18, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:15 (ET)
Discovery conversations are crucial for Customer Success. These conversations not only help you establish a strong foundation with your customer, but they also help you understand the customer’s desired business outcomes. It allows customers to be completely transparent and share both their goals and also their pain points.

The outcome of discovery conversations allows you to uncover why the customer has decided to invest in your product or service and what challenges they are facing. If done right, there is also an opportunity to uncover what you don’t know you didn’t know. Once this is outlined, it allows for the CSM to focus on what needs to happen in order for the customer to achieve their desired business outcomes and achieve fast time to value.

Join this live online event as we ask three Customer Success pros to share advice for other CSMs on how to unearth goals, discover pain-points, and find out what success looks like.

During this online event, the panelists will discuss:
When your organization should typically have discovery conversations with your customers and if it should be a one-time event or a continual process

How to you work with the Sales team to ensure that information that is gathered from Sales is passed on to the CS team

How to prepare for a discovery conversation

Key questions to ask your customer during a discovery conversation

Critical next steps after you gather important information from your customer

Join us online on August 18 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET as we ask three Customer Success professionals to discuss the art of success discovery for CSMs.

Meet the Panelists:
- Michael Buccellato, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, LawGeex
- James Fisher, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Finix
- Marie Vlad, Strategic Customer Success Manager, Glia