Real Talk: How to Detect CS Team Stress -- And Manage It

When:  Apr 13, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)

2020 was a high-stress year, and 2021 hasn’t exactly been peaceful either. Customer Success teams often bear the weight of their own company’s stresses, plus customer stress, and their own personal stress as well. That’s probably why burnout seems especially fierce for CSMs compared to other jobs in tech. 

In this session we’ll look at practical ways to detect and manage stress on your CS team from four different lenses. We’ll get unique tech-based and human perspectives from Katharina Schmidt, Ashna Patel, and Laura Beavin-Yates, and learn tactical insights and coping mechanisms you can apply today.

You’ll learn…

  • How some teams use AI to track physical cues to detect stress 

  • How the language people use can signal stress

  • How managers can pick up on subtle team behaviors that indicate stress

  • And practical ways to soothe the symptoms – as an individual and as a leader