CSM Mastermind: Utilizing Cross-Functional Partnering

When:  Jul 21, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM (PT)
Customer Success can not operate in a vacuum. As a CSM, you rely on other internal teams and they will also rely on you. When an organization creates “silo” departments that are focused on their own goals rather than utilizing a cross-functional approach, the teams tend to compete with each other instead of work together to create a positive customer experience.

A truly customer-centric organization will always focus on the customers’ ideas and needs rather than each individual department’s ideas and needs.

So, what are those teams and how do you work effectively and efficiently with them within your organization?

During this CSM Mastermind session, we will ask a panel of Customer Success professionals to share how they best utilize cross-functional partnering to deliver success.

During this online event, the panelists will discuss:
The foundation of a cross-functional team approach

Some of the teams that Customer Success needs to work closely with

How to reinforce customer success and buy-in from each department

Tools or strategies to ensure open and consistent communication with other teams

Best practices for a cross-functional team approach

Join us online on July 21 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET to learn best practices and tips for partnering with other departments at your organization.

Meet the Panelists:
- Wendy Hower, Senior CSM of Key Accounts, Smart Sheet
- Vanessa Gatihi, Manager, Customer Success Scale, Slack
- Gala Samokieszyn, Lead CSM, Gym Launch