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RE: How are you delivering business outcomes for customers?

The approach that I have taken is around Value driven Outcomes. You need to understand your customer's business, there organizational/enterprise and personal goals, and be able to synthesize the two into opportunities for value realization. Ultimately you need to drive outcomes that meet the...

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RE: Using Sales/Call Insights Tools (Chorus, Gong, Etc) for Customer Success

Hi Great use case and way to expand on the benefit of the tool. I really like that idea. We have a really technical product which is generally very different depending on what applications it is plugged into. I could see using a Conversational Intelligence tool for grabbing quick 1-3 minute...

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RE: Metrics for individual CSMs

Hi Laurie - here is a Performance-based metric scheme that could be useful to you. Very specific to driving right behavior around a bonus payout (monthly or quarterly). This is early stage CSM org where you need to "protect this house" and get renewals in order. The next phase would be to...

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RE: Customer Success Detractors

1. Prioritization is my biggest detractor 2. Early stage SaaS is the reference. 2 or 3 CSMs. Well defined process is lacking, and attention management is challenging. you have good people, with good biz sense - you can get good process in place but the first action is to ensure that your 3...

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Customer Success Detractors

X is the biggest detractor of Customer Success at my company. Who or what is X? What is X's why? #CustomerJourney #CustomerSuccess #Strategy -- Jeremy Mulder Customer Success & Leadership --

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RE: How are you delivering business outcomes for customers?

Sharing ROI is something that is a bit of a moving target with our product, since we're a B2B2B setup (our customers pass our service to their clients as a value add). However, we have developed a self-service ROI Dashboard where various customer contacts can login and see both quantitative (i.e...

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