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RE: CS Incentives for Upsell identification

Jeremy- We recently implemented an Opportunity ID incentive of $300 per qualified lead, validated by the salesperson. Marketing paid for it, and these were the highest quality, fastest-closing, highest ROI leads reported. Some pointers: We established no goals or quotas for CSMs. Their job...

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CS Incentives for Upsell identification

Hello! Our CS team is focused on managing existing accounts, with no responsibility for account growth (not beyond just managing small increases in the number of licenses within our existing scope). We want to keep it that way, but also are looking to set up some incentives for CSMs to...

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RE: General CSM-Program - Gain Grow Retain Open Collab Library

Hello Arnold! I am currently building a program like this at my company. I'd add this into your metrics: 24. Customer Health 25. Success Plans 26. Building customer journey 27. Engagement models (high touch/Low touch models) -- Erika Villarreal Customer Success Manager --