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RE: How are you delivering business outcomes for customers?

Sharing ROI is something that is a bit of a moving target with our product, since we're a B2B2B setup (our customers pass our service to their clients as a value add). However, we have developed a self-service ROI Dashboard where various customer contacts can login and see both quantitative (i.e...

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RE: Template for Interview Assignment

We have a role open for a CSM that will be managing a long-tail of accounts. So we created a "case study" with some prompts for them to respond to. It's been a helpful supplement to the process -- Steve Botz Jones --

Jones - Distributed Account Case Study Exercise (1).docx

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Template for Interview Assignment

Hi CS Community! I am wondering if anyone here has any great assignments that they currently use during the interview process they are willing to share! We currently have an assignment that requires candidates to create a website and answer a client specific email example, but we are looking to...

From Ugh to Aha! Driving Product Adoption Through Effortless Self-Service Experiences

nger, frustration, disappointment – these are feelings no customer should experience when attempting to use your product. So how can you ensure they understand exactly what to do and how to do it? How can you help them reach that “aha” moment when everything clicks and your product experience...

 04-29-2021 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Monthly Coffee Chat with Ed Powers

This month’s coffee chat features Ed Powers , a Customer Success Executive and Strategist. Ed is known for helping teams make breakthroughs in customer loyalty by addressing why customers leave—and why they stay. His approach combines neuroscience with data analytics and enterprise-wide...