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RE: Team Structure and Titles

Hey Anthony! I am also building a CSM team in a startup like environment. The way I approached it is we have tiers for clients and then within each tier there are different level of CSM's. CSM's can advance to handle different tiers of customers or they can stay within a tier that they excel in...

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RE: Team Structure and Titles

IMO, I think that's a bad idea. You need to give your CS team a career path. People are interested in more comp but also career progression. Comp isn't something you show on your LI profile or your CV. Moving from an Associate CSM to CSM to Senior CSM to Principal CSM shows career progression. ...

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Team Structure and Titles

Hi friends! Accelerating the build of a CS team at a startup and have a chance to rethink design. Has anyone designed a CS team and leveraged generic titles? For instance, individual CSMs titles are all CSM or Customer Success Team and you do not have Sr. CSM and other such titles. However,...

Customer Success Leadership Roundtable: Emotional Intelligence for Customer Success

Emotional intelligence is very different to what you would consider to be general intelligence (IQ) and refers to those important emotional and social abilities that some are naturally born with (and others are not). Emotional intelligence is generally focused on being able to identify, use and...

 09-15-2021 | 14:00 - 16:00 ET

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Engagement Month: Adding Energy

We’ve probably all had the experience of calling a customer - scheduled or not - and feeling like they’d rather not be on the call. Or, you’ve probably been in the middle of a call and suddenly thought, “I don’t know why I’m in this call, and neither do they”. Needless to say, when a...

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RE: CS Ops - Hire for Gainsight ability or analytics/process improvement?

Personally, we've hired all of our Gainsight Admins internally (no Gainsight Admin experience) and trained them. In those situations, it is very important to make sure the person has a strong analytical mindset otherwise as you mentioned training can be overwhelming. That said, we always had...

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CS Ops - Hire for Gainsight ability or analytics/process improvement?

Hi All, I am hiring for a CS Ops role, the first in our company. Our Gainsight Admin just resigned, and being the Gainsight Admin will now fall to the new CS Ops hire. Which would you look for first? Gainsight Admin experience, or data analysis and project management experience? I know learning...

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RE: Guidance On Creating A Playbook

Hi Tristan, is there a specific process for your customers that you've been tasked to develop? some examples could include: a customer adoption health review an executive sponsor intro a pre-renewal health review handling a support escalation facilitating an exec business review etc...