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RE: Client does not see CSM as source of truth, default is to try and connect to other team members

Hi MC, the best strategy is to manage it head on. I have the following recommendation: Look at the revenue contribution of this client as a percentage. Big revenue contributing accounts have a way to escalate pretty fast up the chain. Do an internal level stetting (make sure that the...

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RE: CSM client load and moving from a sales led to a product led strategy

Hi Michael, I am curious why you have framed it as Product led growth, and not Customer led growth? Opinion- hence the question above: It starts with a deep customer understanding (goals/needs/pains/challenges and how effectively your company can address the need/pain relative to competition)....

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Career motivated leader looking to get into CSM. Need help.

Hello CSM Community! I have recently joined the Gaingrowretain community on the advice of a good friend, and am very intrigued with what I have seen. I have spent my entire life in customer service, and am looking for a way into the growing and exciting CSM career field. I am looking for any and...

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CSM client load and moving from a sales led to a product led strategy

Hey GGR Community, First time posting here. I am looking to connect with leaders that have experience and understanding of the following: What is the ideal client load for a CSM? I've been under the impression that a CSM should manage 50 accounts or no more than $2,000,000 in total ARR. At PI...

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Homework in the hiring process

Hey GGR! I am currently filling a few strategic CSM roles externally, and our company traditionally incorporated some sort of homework into the interview process for late stage candidates. Does anyone else incorporate homework into their hiring process? Any ideas for best format/assignments to...

FLOURISH Executive Roundtable: From Firefighter to Trusted Advisor

Stop Wasting Time Answering The Same Questions Time And Again Your success and support teams should be trusted advisors to your customers. As the face of your company, they have extraordinary power to drive revenue and expansion, connect meaningfully with your customer base and help them...

 07-13-2021 | 12:00 - 17:00 ET